Cre8 Origami Dog

March 19, 2018


If you've landed here because you're trying to make your origami dog, congratulations! If you've already made it, send us a picture so we can see!


Step 1


First of all, you'll need to cut off your reply slip, so you end up with a square piece of paper. Don't forget to fill it in and return it (or drop us an email) if you're coming along to Friday Cre8 Club. 

Then, it's time for your first fold - find the diagonal line across the square and fold it corner to corner, so you end up with a triangle that looks like this:

 If you're an origami pro, you can use your folding-tool to make sure your fold is nice and crisp, but your fingers will work just as well.


Step 2


Now it's time for the ears! Two more folds, opposite each other, along the lines you can see below "Fridays" and "3.15-4.30pm". Take care lining it up and then press it down.

 Step 3


The final step; fold upwards along the line above the QR code and, hopefully, you should have a nose. Now feel free to add any other decorations and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

 How was that? A bit too easy? Keep an eye on the blog, or come along on Fridays for something a bit more challenging. Or many more origami dogs, if it was just hard enough!





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